Indie Comics Recommendations

Seriously, Funny Books - #1

Image from Brass Sun  Ian Edginton  and  I. N. J. Culbard

Image from Brass Sun Ian Edginton and I. N. J. Culbard

For whatever awful reason, comic fans only have so much time to read comics. The persistent gears of "being-an-adult" churn their noisy and depressing cogs over our comic reading time- day after day. Yet, concerning comic readers want to know - what if I am missing out on the hottest-of-the-hot indie comics!? What if, my day-to-day affairs have caused me to miss the life-changing charm and adventure of some new indie comic! Don't fear melodramatic reader! I have compiled a list for you.  And you, an internet dweller, love lists. Here are a two of my top picks for Indie Comics you should be reading. If anyone actually reads and like this, I will add more to it.


    Remember that feeling, when you woke up early on Saturday morning to play JRPG's all day. Just before the internet was popular, and you had to deal with being lost in a pixelated world. Those days full of PS1 sprite work, 32biit music, and wondering around the forest with your group of adventures with a mix of plot-drive-focus and casual exploration. Spera is kinda like that. It also has a giant fire-fox-guardian thing. It's a beautiful book.

 Spera tells the story of two girls, one with levels in Knight, and the other a royal.  They are forced to flee their home, meet some interesting characters, and adventure onward.  The story unfolds in four graphic novels, with each chapter being done by a different artist. It's adds a whole new aspect to the adventure of the story. The reader doesn't know how they will see the world next issue, or what's to come in the story. It really adds something special.  It's a must read for any JRPG, Miyazaki, or fantasy fan.

There are currently three main hardcore volumes, and a 4th hardcover that counties the story in another direction.  They are all still in print, and you can find them online or at local comic shops.

Written By - Josh Tierney 

Art By - Like 40 different people. 

You can buy it here 


Brass Sun

A  low-Sci-fi adventure, with just enough theological conflict to interest anyone who isreading this blog.  The book has a beautiful ascetic that mixes World War I clothing andarchitecture, with the gear-based machinery common in steam punk.

 It's a fascinating story, not only cause the world keeps growing with each issue, but you go places you never expect. The story takes us into giant clockwork machines,  sky adventures that resemble old, deep ocean voyages and more.

Well paced, Brass Sun stands on its writing and concept equally as well as its art. You can pick up the hardcover for a good price too. There is currently